Tuesday, December 2, 2008



At the grave risk of being branded ‘insensitive’ like Mr. R.R. Patil, I want to go on record declaring that I for one, am happy that the terrorists chose the Taj this time to spread their mayhem!

Otherwise would we have had a Simi Greval, a Shobhaa De, an Anil Dharker, a Nandan Nilekeni or a Condoleeza Rice taking so much interest in the deaths of fellow citizens?

Mumbai has been rocked by much larger reverberations of explosives than those of hand grenades before this. In the train blasts of 2006, terror played a veritable Tandav nrittya. But the apple cart was not even shaken! Never mind if the common Mumbai office-goer in the 6.18 local from Churchgate had always been paying 100% of his taxes (with the pay cheques deducting taxes at source, he had no say in the matter). But the amount used to be so meager you see….

Today, it was the people who grow rich by evading taxes, who spend their company’s money on lavish dinners and weddings that were at the wrong end of the AK47s. The outrage is spilling out of their plush Skodas and Mercedeses on to the kerbs of South Mumbai. There is a lot of attention and talks of police reforms, overhauling of the electoral processes, supplying of better tracking devices at Airports, baggage checks,…. Note that the common man in the crowd is not included in this circle of ‘security’.

Where were all these ‘concerned citizens’ when a traumatized teenager had to will himself to enter into his regular local train to go home from college? Why were the electoral reforms not envisaged when a group of localites could not stop their tears as they recalled an empty seat, a shared breakfast, a lost chum….? Is the amount of the tax paid into the government coffers so much more cognizable than what % of your income got taxed? Then, nobody had demanded the resignations of the home minister, the defense minister or the chief minister! No heads rolled for the common man’s breach of security!

Let us stop paying false condolences to a dying Democracy. Equality, its benchmark, is non existent in our society. It isn’t there in our lifetimes nor is it seen after our deaths!

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